Recipes for 8 months +

Baby Meatballs

Baby Meatballs

This is a recipe that I make for my 8 month old and would like to share. The best thing is this is suitable for the whole family so you can enjoy mealtimes at the dinner table together. When I make these I give my son a meatball so he can feed himself which creates a fantastic mess but its great for his fine motor skills. The next day they are great wizzed up with some organic avocado.

1 tbs finely chopped onion
2 tbs grated carrot
80g extra lean beef mince
pinch dried mixed herbs
1/2 lightly beaten egg
1 cup chopped tinned tomatoes

Add all the ingredients (except tomatoes) into a mixing bowl and stir. Roll into 8-10 mini meatballs.
Heat the frypan and lightly spray with cooking oil. Add the meatballs and brown. Add the tomatoes to the pan, cover then simmer for approx 20 minutes.

If you are making these for the family, triple the recipe and serve over spagetti.


Joe's Mum.

Baby's First Organic Finger Foods

When you think that your little one is ready for some finger foods please chat with your health professional. The age here is just a guideline.  If you are unsure try wrapping the food in muslin and let your little one have a suck first.  Always make sure you are supervising while they learn to eat.

This is so much fun!  There is nothing better than squishing some food between your fingers or even in your ears.



Organic Roast Root Vegetables

Try roasting some root vegetables like potato, kumara and carrot.  Roast until the skin is firm but not hard.  Try not to use too much oil when cooking.  These are great served cold as they are easier for little fingers to play with.  

Organic Chopped Banana

Try chopping some banana in large chunks and watch as your little one tries to master the art of catching and getting in their mouth.

Organic Ripe Pear

Try chopping some pear in large chunks and watch as your little one tries to master the art of catching and getting in their mouth.  

Chicken, Corn & Potato Babies Mash!

Chicken, Corn & Potato Babies Mash!

Ingredients (I try to use all organic where I can, always with Chicken!)

  • Chicken Breast
  • A couple of fresh corncobs
  • A couple of small potatoes
  • Couple of sprigs of fresh Parsley

Roughly chop the chicken breast and potatoes, take the corn kernels off the cob and throw into a steamer. Steam until all ingredients are cooked. Allow to cool. Put in food processor with with parsley and blend until smooth. Little fact... research shows that parsley contains more iron than meat so I use it as much as I can!!!
You can freeze any leftover portions to use later! What a time saver!!!