Unimom Forte Electric Breast Pump



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The award-winning Unimom Forte Electric Breast Pump is recommended excusively for long-term pumping.

It is durable (hospital-grade design) with extra suction.  For short-term, convenient or part-time pumping, please see our Unimom Allegro Electric Breast Pump.

Good Stuff to Know:

  • Hospital-grade pump
  • Hospital-level strength of pumping
  • BPA, phthalate and lead-free plastics
  • Double-sided expression (comes as a double so you have the option of single or twin pumping)
  • Rhythmic suction (mimics baby's natural suction, allowing faster let-down)
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable vacuum setting enables optimum setting (wider variation of suction levels)
  • Extra long-life motor and efficient piston mechanism
  • Closed system - back-flow protection for hygienic pumping
  • Suction power (mmHg): 0 mmHg - 300 mmHg (larger range of pumping than most pumps so you can choose your maximum comfortable vacuum setting)
  • Single or dual pumping options
  • AC adapter power source; 230 V/50 Hz
  • Weighs approximately 2 kg

PLEASE NOTE: Teats are not included with our pumps.  Standard narrow-neck teats will fit our bottles.

When you purchase a Unimom Forte Electric Breast Pump, we highly recommend you also purchase a Switch Kit to go with it.  This converts one shield kit into a manual pump.

Unimom is a well-known, proven brand all over the world that is garnering excellent feedback. We are pleased to provide these products to you in New Zealand to save you money, while providing you with a high quality product.  Unimom products have been researched, tested and trialled, achieving desired results in both hospitals and homes throughout New Zealand.  They match the quality of top leading brands in New Zealand and meet hospital-grade standards.

Given our excellent relationship with our supplier, we can supply parts and service repairs ASAP without long waits.  Sound advice from a Midwife is available, including expressing/breastfeeding advice.

Product Inclusions:

  • Breast shield (inner diameter of 24 mm; larger shield of 27 mm is available on request, however, the large shield does not fit the breast massager, nor can the Switch Kit convert the 27 mm shield)
  • Bottle
  • Bottle cover
  • Main body
  • Air tube
  • Cap
  • Disk
  • Valve
  • Two silicone massagers

Milk storage and transport options are also available.


Warranty Information:

  • Based on personal domestic use
  • 12-month warranty
  • Includes pump motor and controller (everything inside or permanently connected to the plastic sehll of the actual pump unit)
  • Excludes all consumable parts, including: airlines (tubing/hosing); power pack and cable; silicone membranes (flap on valve head); valve head; breast shield; catch bottles; silicone massager
  • Replacement parts are available by contacting us at info@nakedbaby.co.nz
  • We do not provide a money-back warranty, but will repair or replace with fast service should the need arise

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